momi restaurant

A unique location, facing a splendid panorama of the hills between the towns of Marostica and Bassano, with elements of design and ceramic artworks by talented craftsmen.



A cuisine that starts off with local foods of excellence, following their seasonal availability, with influences that come from the rest of the world.


A cuisine founded on a profound understanding of products and contemporary techniques of culinary preparation.

our menu


SocialTable dinner. 
The pleasure of food and conviviality.




Our cuisine is the product of passion and continual research regarding a skilled use of the best ingredients, from certified meats to the freshest fish. Our wine cellar offers specialties from Italy and France, and provides a particular attention to select wines from our Region.

At Momi we believe in the capacity of food to bring people together as a true expression of the culture of our times. We have the ambition of offering our guests the pleasure of enjoying meals together, by conveying the stories of our local territory as an experience that engages all human senses.